Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Ugly Truth!

Get ready for a long, picture filled post... about..... my mess of a craft room. Be prepared! Be warned..
So, we moved into our new house about 6 years ago, and for the first few years I was really trying to get inspiration, motivation, anything to get my office/craft room done, but I was still going to college, pregnant, planning a wedding and working full time, not to mention taking care of my other two girls. Sooooo, I worked around the mess, I knew which pile had what and where I threw something... This is what it looked like! Sorry for the bad pics, it's been a while and I've since got a new camera.. bear with me.. :)
OH MY! I don't even know where to start... You can barely see the carpet color! My dear husband went desk shopping without me and decided that this desk... if you can see it... was the best fit for me! Um, NO! I had NOOOO drawers, no storage and you can basically see every cord, wire, etc. Basically it was a table, an expensive table that the store called a DESK! 
 This is coming straight into the door, those photo boxes are now all filled with photos. My Elvis photo is at my real work office, the blanket has been given to the gods and heaven knows where everything else is.
 A printer that rarely worked, a laptop that was slower than ever, old and heavy, but I finished my Masters degree on it, so apparently it did it's job. Cd's for who knows what, and I can't even see what else is on that desk!
Filing cabinet that is overflowing, a laundry basket full of empty frames, junk, junk and more junk. Oh and my itty bitty Cricut, I've since got the Expression which I love!
Ok... so after about 2 and a half years of dealing with this I finally finished school, got married, had a daughter and was finally able to get this room COMPLETE!
 A desk WITH DRAWERS! Can you believe it? What a concept! Glass top so I don't mess anything up with hot glue or I don't ruin the finish with the Xacto knife! :)
 I really love this desk, it has been great!
 This hutch with filing cabinet is great storage! the bottom two drawers is actually one big drawer for filing, so I can keep my actual papers in there safe and sound and filed! The other two are filled with construction paper, ribbon and various crafty items. The top, filled with everything from my Crop-A-Diles to buttons to glue and chipboard.
 My comfy chair, the desk and the hutch. LOOK! You can see the floor!
 This is the other desk/hutch in the works thanks to my father in law and my husband, I was kind enough to buy all this stuff and NOT pay the "put it together" fee at the store, so they got to enjoy putting it all together!
My bookshelf, which I wish I had more of, actually I wish me and the girls had our own library in our house. Yes, we read THAT much! My daughters have over 600 books on their own, I actually trade and get rid of mine so my collection isn't so bad but I love books!
NOWWWWW, for the worse part, my craft room NEVER stays that clean (above), so to prove that crafting is like a 24 hour thing, and that clean rooms like the ones I showed you yesterday aren't really reality unless you clean them to take pictures.... below is this morning at 6 a.m. This is the reality of my craft room!
 This is the top of the desk... I think... Yeah that's it, lovely right? WRONG! I have stuff on top of stuff it's so bad, my Ellen book waiting to be finished... more storage that's half empty half full, Cricut boards that I got at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago for half off! :) SCORE!

This is ridiculous I know! This has given me the name "Craft Hoarder" by my husband lately... I have run out of room and had to buy these lovely, non matching drawers. I really don't need the top three so I'm organizing, which is another reason it's a mess. So you can see my big drawers here have scrap paper, stamps, chipboard, letters, and the last one I'm not really sure.. :)
Oh don't mind these, they've only been laying there for about 2 weeks. There's about 14 of them, I plan on making something great with them... promise, it will help my life.. tremendously, and it will probably be the first crafty thing on here, if I can ever get over this sickness!
 The mighty bookshelf again, if you can see past the trash that is to be thrown in front of it. I know... HOARD... I'm trying, organizing for 2011, it's the plan.
 This is the other desk/hutch, computer house of course, the girls leave all their papers there, that Hard Rock shirt.. oh that's only been there since October.. no biggie, the little picture boxes were a Christmas gift from the girls, papers that need to be filed... I'm behind, I know!
Anyhow... there it is, in all it's glory, mess, junk, filing, trash, in reality it's probably not that bad but I have to get the motivation to get in there an tackle it.. Ok.. I'll do it tonight, right before Biggest Loser!

So, I hope this motivates you to 1, not hoard, and 2, clean up your space! :)

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  1. I have been working on my craft room this month too, although I just don't have much time at all. I haven't scrapped in at least a year! My room looks like your before although I have definitely gotten a lot done, slowly though. My room houses my crafts and supplies, scrapbook stuff, all of my books, my gift closet, boxes for a yard sale, and my stockpile. And it is one small room. I'm trying though, but definitely jealous of all your pretty furniture!