Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Susan... Here... Carol... Here... Lisa... ABSENT!

I feel like I'm in trouble, like I missed roll call at school or something because I've been absent from this baby! I have a few reasons but too personal to share... sorry, no explanations.. :)
I have one reason to share with you though, we've been busy setting up my daughter's Barnes & Noble Color Nook. 
Photo courtesy of Google Pics
My 8 year old is a reader... and when I say reader, I mean READERRRR! She can easily conquer 6 chapter books (3rd-5th grade level) in a week! A WEEK! Yes, she out-reads me by far! So she has successfully filled up 2 bookshelves, about 650 books in her "library", the next step for us was to get her a Nookcolor, in hopes that she can read all the free books and then get some B&N giftcards for her birthday to hold her over for a while.  I don't even keep track of how much I spend on books for her so hopefully this will work, and what's good is that she can access the internet, her email, radio, download music and movies all on this little baby! :) Now... we just have to figure it all out. haha

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