Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I forgot to mention in an earlier post that there is SOME motivation for me to lose weight. When I say some.. it's not for the right reasons. I should want to lose weight because it will better my health, because I will be more active, because it will help with my back pain, etc. But some of the onlyyyyy motivation I have to lose weight is for Fashion. 
Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren is a fashionista!
She does an outfit a day post, she always looks so put together, cutesy, I wanna be like her!
I really have no fashion sense and I wanted to blame it on my Army years because really, my outfit was picked out for me daily, I had no choice, so then I reverted to sweats and t-shirts after work because it was easy. Now that I think about it though, I'm not quite sure I had such a great sense of fashion BEFORE the Army. So either way, I have no fasion sense... the end.. HELP!
Idea from Between 3 Sisters
I want to be able to wear this (above) without looking like a fool, okay, maybe not the shoes because I remember having some of those bad boys when I was little and I don't think I liked them then either! But I love the jacket, and no you can't tell me it would look fine in a XL, because really, it doesn't... I know... 
Fashion from Forever 21
To not have to worry about my upper arms look big would be wonderful! Something flim fitting around my waist would be great, I want to be comfortable instead of wearing things to "hide" this or "hide" that, and without having to suck it in all the time. It's hard being a bigger girl when you know you can be different. I don't want to be "ok" with being my size because I don't want to get stuck feeling like this is the right size for me, because it's not, I know that and I know I just need to make the change.
From Anthropologie...
Being able to wear something cropped at the waist rather than making sure it is long enough to cover my butt would be ideal. Am I the only one that dresses like this? Questioning every reason why I am wearing something. Is this long enough, loose enough, hiding enough, etc? Just writing this is making me crazy! I don't know how I deal with it all going through my head all the time... Well I hope it changes, ASAP!

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