Thursday, January 6, 2011

These are the ones I stalk.... regularly...

Since I'm still trying to get this blog up and running and getting some good traffic through here, I thought I'd post some interesting info, something you can use to blog hop to my favorite sites. You know... the ones I stalk on the regular.
For this first one, she is one of my VERY FIRST Blog Friends! She helped me sooo much a few years ago and I'm sure I was a pain in her behind in the beginning. But she is an awesome scrapbooker and you all need to head over and show her some love at Crazy for Crafting!  Thanks for friending me Carol!

You will love all her scrap pages and cards... she's great!

I love everything Blue Cricket does, and today they have a guest post by none other than Goldiloks!

She is uber crafty and artistic! You will love the work she does! Check her out!
And if you've never checked out the next one......
then you have NOOOOOO idea what you've been missing in the craft world!
So the next is one of the funniest ones I stalk on the regular, she is a great crafter, she is an inspiration for many things and she just joined Facebook, so go HERE and like her and go HERE to check out her blog!
She's pretty much just awesome..
Many times while I blog hop I am AMAZED at the stuff that some people come up with. If you need some of that amazement in your life... go check out Rosy Red Buttons not only is she crafty but she has guest posts by some amazing people!
For now, that's all I'm sharing, but believe me they will link you to some other great crafters and you'll be blog hopping all day! I on the other will be figuring out new ways to get your attention and get this blog up and running!
Happy Crafting today! Live well and craft often! :)


  1. very cute title. i smiled. and smiled even bigger when i seen my blog up there! my blog is fairly new too, after abandoning it for two years im rekindling the flame. lets make this year a great one together ;]

    Goldiloks ;]

  2. Thanks Goldiloks! I had another blog that died down a bit over the last year and a half and I've really missed it so I thought 2011 can be my new beginning! So cheers to rekindling the blog flame!


  3. Thanks so much!! You are so awesome to include my blog, I'm following you now! Good luck and I'm excited to see all your projects!

  4. Thanks Camilla! I'll be posting projects ASAP!

  5. Aw! Thanks!! You are too sweet!! And you were never a pain in my behind! You are way too nice to ever bother me in any way!! I cannot wait to see what you have in store for your new site!! :) Good luck! Let's get CRAFTY!!

  6. Thanks Carol! Yes we will be getting crafty and it will be awesome! :)

  7. i'm blushing! thanks for the shoutout! fyi..loved the altered gloves!