Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Mourning....

Yes I said MOURNING! As in mourning for the loss of my creativity this weekend... So sad, I have been battling this head cold for about 2 weeks now and nothing has helped, and what's even better is that over the last 2 days I have managed to also lose my voice. Awesome!

So because I was in bed most of this weekend I thought I would talk about "Craft Spaces". Most of us can't afford or don't have the room for these ideal craft spaces, but I like to still look at them and they give me inspiration. So here are a few of my favorites! If you'd like to share yours link up!

This first one came from HGTV and the link took me nowhere so if it's your room, let me know and I'll give you credit. :)
First of all that wall color is something I would personally never choose but it looks FANTASTIC! I love the pop of red all over, the desk with window light sooooo close, the organization is great and everything is within reach.
This next one isn't the whole room but it's sooooo cute I couldn't resist showing.
Again, there was no link back to a site from Google Pictures so let me know if you know where it's from. The soft colors are gorgeous and that chair looks so comfy, I'm sure she created that seat herself. I am wondering though, when you have such a beautiful craft space... exactly how long does it look "picture perfect" because I know when I clean mine it's a matter of hours before it looks like a tornado hit! Right? :)
The next one is from where you can go and virtually create your space.
This is ideal for my craft room, I would love this, I do a have a great space but this just seems more tidy, open, clean? Yeah you're right, mine wouldn't stay looking like this.
This one (Above) also with no link from Google, looks amazing! I love the open-ness with everything. The extra space on the island with the sewing machine is great! I'm not sure I would go with a tall barstool chair and table because I'm barely over 5 feet tall but the space is great and look at that huge window for great lighting! Ok... get ready because room 5 (below) is insane!

Insane in a good way of course!  In my next craft life, I want THIS ROOM! Look at all the storage! Paper all neatly in its place! This came from Kevin & Amanda and it's amazing.... swoon... It makes me happy..
This last one I found on Brooklyn Handspun and I'm unsure whether it's thier room or if it's the Ikea showroom, either way I love it and although I wouldn't use it for yarn I would definately be able to fill it with fabric and everything else :)
Sooooo, show us your craft space, whatever works for you, whatever is your ideal work space!
Check back tomorrow to see MY craft space, before and after I clean it! :) Yikes!


  1. Those are gorgeous! We're moving sometime in the coming room and I rate each house on the craft room potential. Currently I have a crafting spot on the floor. : )

  2. LOL! Yeah, we loved this house because it had extra rooms... now if I can onlyyyy convince my husband to move my craft room to the HUGE loft upstairs :)