Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tiny Hands deserve Tiny Gloves!

It usually doesn't get too cold in Albuquerque, we can usually go through the winter without using gloves, sometimes without wearing a beanie. This winter..... not the case, we've had one snowstorm, and the wind hurts my skin. Yesterday we woke up to 10 degree weather, highly unusual for us! I had to make sure the girls were warm going to school but really didn't anticipate it before so my Nevaeh, who is tinyyyy, had gloves about 5 sizes too big for her. Without having to run out to the store and buy some, I know they probably have some at the Dollar Tree but I had some in my hand, just the WRONG size.
So what do us crafters do? We make do with what we have, we fix it!
 Gloves.. huge gloves, first off, I love them because they are long enough around the wrist that they can put them under their shirt and no cold gets through, another reason I didn't run out and get some, because if you've ever shopped for tiny gloves, they end at the wrist and I don't like them.
 Even though she's smiling she's wondering what the heck is wrong with her gloves! They were a gift so we made them work.
Even though she makes them work, they don't fit at all!
So I turned them inside out, and had her try them on, marked with a red pen about where her fingertips were. I ended up having to do this twice because the first time I did them they were still too big.
 I ran the fingertips through the sewing machine on the lines... I know it looks crazy but they're inside out here so they look better, I promise.   I sewed them back and forth a few times, so when I cut the tips they wouldn't fray and end up with holes.
 This is still inside out, and this is about what I took off the tips and I even took some in on the side so they fit a little more snug around her wrist.  
This was after the first run through, I ended up going back and rounding off the edges more and fixing all the wonky tips. But look at how well they fit now! She loves them!
Excuse the cross-eyed look, my daughter refuses to look at someone in eye or look at the camera. LOL. They are a great fit though, and you can see how long they are, I love that, because she can fit it under her shirt and her wrist and forearm aren't cold!
Ta-da! Revamped gloves, and today she went to school with snug gloves on her tiny hands!


  1. She is the cutest! I would never think of doing that to fix gloves, you are too smart. :o)